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Some Philosophy Resources
World-Wide Web Virtual Library_ Philosophy
The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Dictionary of Philosophy of Mind
Guide to Philosophy on the Internet (Suber)
Philosophy around the Web
Philosophy News Service - The latest philosophy news and announcements from around the world.
Philosophy_ The Philosophers' Magazine
Welcome to The Radical Academy
Yahoo! - Arts_Humanities_Philosophy
The Philosophical Gourmet (graduate dept. rankings, movers & shakers in philosophy)
People who were Phil Majors
Noesis: Philosophical Research On-line
What are the best philosophy resources?
The Philosophical Lexicon
Some Philosophy Organizations
The American Philosophical Association
American Catholic Philosophical Association
Society of Christian Philosophers
American Philosophical Society
American Philosophical Practitioners Association
American Association of Philosophy Teachers (AAPT) Homepage
Some E-Texts Links
Alex Catalogue of Electronic Texts (includes many philosophers)
Online papers in philosophy of mind
Perseus Digital Library
NYU Philosophy Faculty Papers
PROJECT GUTENBERG INDEX (includes many philosophers)
Some Early Modern texts
Philosophy, Psychology & Religion E-journals available to Mercer students
Undergraduate Philosophy Journals
Agora (no longer in operation: archives available)
Aporia: A Student Journal of Philosophy
Carleton University Student Journal of Philosophy
Columbia Undergraduate Philosophy Review
CommonSense: The intercollegiate journal of humanism and freethought
Cyberphilosophy Journal
Dear Habermas: A Journal of Postmodern Thought By Undergraduates for Undergraduates
Discourse (University of San Francisco)
The Dualist (Stanford)
Episteme (Denison University)
Harvest Moon (UC Berkeley)
The Interlocutor: The Sewanee Undergraduate Philosophical Review
Lyceum (St.Anselm College)
Meteorite (University of Michigan)
Populus (University of California)
Prolegomena (University of British Columbia)
Yale Philosophy Review
Many links of journals, conferences and essay contests from Earlham College
Student journal links from epistemelinks
Scholarships, grants, fellowships, seminars, etc.
Colorado Summer Seminar in Philosophy
Institute for Humane Studies
Intercollegiate Studies Institute
GSU Philosophy Master's Scholarships


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