Healthy Lifestyle rewards

Get fit. Stay healthy. Be rewarded.

Healthy U
Are you ready to commit to a healthier lifestyle? Let us partner with you NOW for a healthier future! Don't feel ready? Well, even baby steps towards better health may earn you rewards. See the full program for details.


Worksite "House Calls"
In order to increase your department's knowledge of the services provided by the University's Wellness Program and promote healthy lifestyles, we are offering a new component to the wellness program.  We will be instituting worksite "house calls".  Staff from the wellness program will arrange a brief visit that will involve an overview of Employee Wellness and tips on what can be done to improve health from a worksite perspective.  Visits are under 30 minutes in duration and will be done only on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  We request that all departments interested in this program, please set up an appointment by email in advance with the wellness office. Wellness orientation packets will be provided to all participants.


                                                  Bear Trails are paths already mapped out for walking on campus  where bathrooms

                                                  and water fountains have been identified. Choose between the easier scenic route,

                                                 "Campus Tour" and "The Grizzly", a route filled with behind-the scenes stairs and slopes for

                                                  power walking and maximum calorie burn.

Walking Clubs
Want to start a lunch hour walking club in your department? Let us know and we will be happy to get your department walking for rewards!  Contact us by email to set up an appointment. 

Don't belong to the same department? Friends at Mercer may also start a walking club.

The Mercer Health Plan will reward each team member with a pair of walking shoes from Dick's Sporting Goods for the greatest number of combined miles walked during the semester. Rules do apply. See full program for details.

Health Risk Profile
The HRP is a general assessment of your healthy living quota achieved through analyzing your completed questionnaire, blood pressure,  and a few other painless endurance tests. It is an awareness tool for employees. A lot of people want to live a more quality life (less pain, control disease, healthy weight, etc.) but don't really know where to begin. The HRP helps guide you to the starting line. Wellness Tool Kits will be provided to all who complete the assessment.

Live & Learn
Do the requirements for exercise rewards just make you tired at this stage of your healthy living goals? There's still one more way to get rewarded. Attend at least 10 classes from the "Live & Learn" series and you'll earn a cool T-shirt for your efforts! Click here for the class listing.