Dr. George Hayhoe

Dr. George Hayhoe, Director of the MSTCO Program, can answer all admissions-related questions. To allow adequate processing and review time, please apply several weeks before the fall or spring semester begins.


Who to Contact

Key to the success of our program is communication and a commitment to addressing the questions and concerns of students and employers. If you are interested in receiving information about the MSTCO program, please complete our online form or download our MSTCO brochure. For other inquiries or needs, see the chart below.


Information Item Needed Contact
Packet mailed to you with application, catalog, and so forth. Request Information on this website
Personal reply to any questions about the program or courses

Dr. George Hayhoe, Director of MSTCO

Questions related to admissions forms/procedures, course schedules, etc. Dr. George Hayhoe
Register for courses Dr. George Hayhoe


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