Jack Tarver Library

Distance learners benefit from access to online journals, publications, and databases through Mercer's Jack Tarver Library.


Benefits of Distance Learning

Students who take on the role of distance learner within the MSTCO program gain immeasurable value through the program's curriculum in a structure that provides them with enormous flexibility as well as responsibility. Because the program is presented primarily via the Web, the program is a good fit for professionals wishing to further their studies while continuing to work.

While distant learners' relationships with the school are different than the relationships of students physically present on Mercer's campuses, distance learners represent a unique body of students within the university and are eligible to receive many of the same benefits traditional students receive.

One such benefit is access to research facilities. As a distance learner, the Internet is your primary information resource. However, libraries and searchable publications are a recommended secondary source. The Jack Tarver Library in Macon is Mercer's main library and offers a number of services to distance learners. The Jack Tarver Library is open to all students who are within traveling distance. Additionally, the major professional journals are now searchable online.

Distance learners further receive value through online advising. Students receive information on both courses and career opportunties that is comprable in quality to that gained through face-to-face advising. Faculty strive to eliminate the distance gap by taking a personal and active interest in each student's education at Mercer.

In addition to building relationships with faculty, the MSTCO program further emphasizes relationship-building among distance learners. Online newsletters distributed three times a year help to keep students in touch with news about each other in addition to general student information.


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