The MSTCO curriculum is unique, combining courses on cutting-edge topics in technical communication with instruction in management techniques, theory, and research methods..


Course Details

We have carefully designed the courses in our MSTCO curriculum to provide students with opportunities to explore the history, theory, and practice of technical communication, as well as significant topics in managing projects, organizations, and human resources.

The curriculum consists of the following courses:

1. Core Courses

Each student in the program is required to take the following courses. The courses may be taken in any order.

  • TCO 605  Usability

  • TCO 620  Managing Multimedia

  • TCO 630  Managing People and Projects

  • TCO 641  Advanced Technical Communication

  • TCO 650  History and Theory of Technical Communication

  • TCO 651  International Technical Communication

  • TCO 665  Instructional Design

  • TCO 676  Visual Communication

2. Elective

Students may take an elective offered by Mercer’s Technical Communication Department (usually numbered TCO 691) or may petition to take a course at the 600 level or above in another department at Mercer or at another institution.

3. Capstone

Any time after they have taken a minimum of six other courses, students may register to take TCO 685, Project Research. In this course, teams of two or three students undertake a major research project that often results in a publishable manuscript or professional conference presentation co-authored by the team.

Minor in Technical Communication Management

Students with a minimum of three years of full-time work experience who are enrolled in any of the Master of Science in Engineering or Master of Science programs in Mercer’s School of Engineering may minor in MSTCO by taking any three courses except TCO 685.



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