Technical Communicator on the Job

Every MSTCO course is designed to build valuable job-related knowledge.


Curriculum Overview

The MSTCO curriculum provides students with an ideal balance between theory and practice. This balance ensures that students develop a firm foundation for study and practice before applying concepts to real-world projects. Allowing students to test their understanding of concepts by engaging in real-world settings provides valuable experience that will increase their marketability in the workplace—which is our overall goal as a graduate institution.

The Master of Science degree requires 30 semester hours. These hours are accumulated by taking eight required courses (three credits each), one elective (three credits), and a capstone project (three credits). The capstone project, Project Research, is completed in place of a traditional master's thesis and provides students with real-world experience which better prepares them for careers in industry.

Students who take two courses per term and one in the summer complete the master's degree in just over two years. Students who take one course per term and one in the summer will complete the degree within a four-year period.

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