MSTCO courses are offered to allow students to graduate within two years.


Course Schedules, 2013-2015 (Tentative)

Two courses are generally taught per fall and spring terms. The following is a tentative schedule of offerings for the next two years. (Inclusion of courses on this list is for planning purposes only and does not constitute a commitment by Mercer's TCO program to offer the courses listed during the terms indicated). Although courses do not have prerequisites, certain courses may have preferred sequencing. Contact Dr. Hayhoe regarding course sequencing.

Spring 2014

TCO 630 Managing People and Projects

TCO 641 Advanced Technical Communication

Summer 2014
TCO 685 Project Research
Fall 2014
TCO 650 History and Theory of Technical Communication
TCO 651 International Technical Communication
Spring 2015
TCO 605 Usability
TCO 665 Instructional Design
Summer 2015
TCO 691 Elective TBA
Fall 2015

TCO 620 Managing Multimedia

TCO 676 Visual Communication

Please see the Mercer Macon Campus Catalog for course descriptions.


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