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Mercer's MSTCO program caters to students with a variety of careers and undergraduate backgrounds, enabling a great deal of knowledge sharing as students take part in real-world projects.


Our Program

MSTCO is directed toward working adult professionals and practitioners who have at least three years of experience in technical communication or a related discipline. Current graduate students have an average of 12 years of professional work experience.

We are diverse. Our students are technical communicators, translators, software specialists, and training specialists, as well as engineers, managers, and educators.

Our philosophy of graduate education in the program follows that of Jerome Bruner, Harvard University's constructivist learning theorist. As an outgrowth of Bruner's philosophy, our approach focuses on the discovery learning process of self-motivated adults, who explore and manipulate educational content to correlate with their life and work experiences.

Course content and projects combine current industry practice with up-to-date theory and research accessed through the Internet. Students have the opportunity to work individually and collaboratively on real-life projects, such as usability inspections of a handheld computer application for physicians-in-training, telecommuting planning for virtual technical communication organizations, and structured path scriptwriting for multimedia.


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