Department of Mathematics

§ Alumni News§

Are you interested in working on some research in mathematics? Many professors have projects for students to work on, or we can help you with something that you are interested in already! Please stop by and ask us. Here are some current and recent projects, along with a list of faculty interests.

Looking to Start Research?

Are you looking to start a research project with a faculty member? A list of faculty research areas is listed below and this may help you find a professor with interests in your area. We are also always willing to talk to you about ideas! Right now several professors are looking for students for projects that they already have including:

  • Dr. Herink: Has a couple of ideas for various projects invovling combinatorics and/or finite geometries.
  • Dr. Symington: Talk to Dr. Symington if you are interested in doing a research project or reading course involving geometry or topology.
  • Dr. Beier: Has a couple of projects related to combinatorics and/or graph theory.

Current & Recent Projects

  • McCabe Olsen (2013) and James Lanterman (2013) are presenting their work at the 2013 JMM and presented at Kennesaw State. Melanie King (2013) also attended with support from the REU she participated in last summer.
  • Lyndssey Autrey (2014) and Dr. Denny are working with several biology students and professors (students: Garcia, Hoang; professors: C. Denny, Dr. Wiles) on a yeast competition lab for teaching mathematical biology.
  • Melanie King (2013), McCabe Olsen (2013), and Steven Hussung (2014) completed REUs during the summer of 2012.
  • Steven Hussung (2014) is working with Dr. Herink on a project based on an episode of Futurama.
  • McCabe Olsen (2013) is working with Dr. Beier to find a closed form of a bracket expansion inside of the universal enveloping algebra of a toriodal group.
  • McCabe Olsen (2013) and Melanie King (2013) completed REUs this summer. In addition, Chris Kirkland (2013) completed an REG on his way to graduate school and North Carolina State University.
  • James Lanterman (2013) is working with Dr. Reinkoester understanding an alternate definition of prime numbers.
  • Adam Lewis presented at the Rose-Hulman Undergraduate Mathematics Conference on his geometric research with Dr. Symington. He won an award for one of the best talks!
  • Chris Kirkland (2012) completed an REU this summer and presented his research at MathFest 2010. Great job!
  • Chris Kirkland (2012) spent Fall 2010 working with Dr. Symmington to find an algebraic formula for the locus of incenters of an interesting family of tirangles. This work is motivated by Dr. Symmington's work with a determatological surgeon, Joshua Lane.
  • Melanie Markman is currently working with Dr. Denny on developing a simulation of C.S. Holling's experiments to determine a model of the rate at which small mammals find prey as a function of the density of the prey in the environment.
  • Andrew Conner (2011) is working with Dr. Herink on generalizations of Zeckendof's Theorem (Every positive integer can be uniquely expressed as a sum of nonconsecutives Fibonacci numbers). Andrew developed an interest in this after attending MUURMaC last year. He is presenting at Georgia Southern's Eacgle Undergraduate Mathematics Conference in 2010.
  • Daniel Brown (2010) completed a mathematical analysis of the construction of the fort at First Colony in North Carolina. This work was supervised by both Dr. Symington (Mathematics) and Dr. Eric Klingelhofer (Anthropology).
  • Annie Morris (2010) is working on her senior presentation with Dr. Denny. This will explore the definition, basic theory and applications of Fourier series.
  • Jonathan Crosby (2009) spent time working with Dr. Herink investigating the Fibonacci sequence mod n. He presented his research at MUURMaC in 2009.
  • Whitney Thompson (2009) completed a senior research project with Dr. Nelson that involved a statistical analysis of the former Atlanta Brave Jeff Francoeur to determine whether he is a streaky hitter.
  • Kimberly Conner (2007) researched 6-by-6 sudoku puzzles with Dr. Herink.
  • Andrew Gainer (2007) completed an honors research project supervised by Dr. Symmington. The project concerned immersed closed curves in the plane.

Faculty Research Interests

  • Dr. Beier - Lie Algebras, Quantum Groups, Representation Theory, Combinatorics
  • Dr. Denny - Mathematical Biology, Mathematical Modeling, Analysis
  • Dr. Ellis - Geometry, Analysis, Topology and Education
  • Dr. Hartfield - Mathematics Education
  • Dr. Herink - Set Theory, Combinatorics
  • Dr. Howard - Biological Modeling, Epidemiology, ODEs, PDEs, Semigroups of Operators
  • Dr. McIlwain - Differential Operators on Graphs
  • Dr. Nelson - Current interest in Statistics
  • Dr. Pullen - Algebraic and Applied Topology
  • Dr. Reinkoester - Commutative Rings, Multiplicative Ideal Theory, Abstract Factorization
  • Dr. Symington - Symplectic Topology with a preference for Geometric flavor in particular in dimension four.
  • Dr. Yackel - Mathematical Art, Mathematics Education