Mercer University Department

§Camculator Policy§

We recognize that calculators can be useful tools in understanding and exploring mathematical concepts. They can also help to reduce the computational demand present in problems. Your instructor will determine what level of calculator use is appropriate for your class. This will be in your syllabus. Please consult your syllabus for specific guidelines for your course as use varies widely within the department.

The following calculator policies hold for the entire department.

If you are in MAT 121, 133, 191, 192, 293, 226, 227 the Mercer University Mathematics Department policy is as follows:

"It is strongly recommended that you (the student) have access to a graphing calculator for use in the class. use of a TI-92, TI-89, or equivalent calculator with symbolic solving capabilities is not permitted. You may check with your instructor to see if your calculator is appropriate to use in this class."

If your instructor plans to use a calculator for in class activities and demonstrations, you should check to see what calculator they will use. All professors currently use TI calculators and most use a TI-84 Plus.

If you are permitted to use a calculator on a test please keep in mind that:

"Any misuse of a calculator on a test is a violation of Mercer's Honor Code. In particular, using the calculator's storage facility to store formulas, equations, text, etc. is a violation of the Honor Code. In addition, unless otherwise stated, the graphing calculator is only to be used for numeric computation and for graphing. If you (the student) are unsure of the correctness of using a capability of the calculator, the student should consult their instructor."