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2012 Graduates

  • Christopher Kirkland* is working on his Ph.D. in mathematics at North Carolina State University.
  • Adam Lewis has a position working with his fraternity while he pursues becoming an actuary.
  • Gloria Ananing has continued on to work on a professional degree at the Mercer School of Medicine.

2011 Graduates

  • Andrew Conner just changed jobs to join a start up company called FortyTwo in California.

2010 Graduates

  • Daniel Brown is chair of the mathematics department of Westside High School.

2009 Graduates

  • Zack Dentmon* is planning to work and return to graduate school.
  • Priya Desai has a job working for a clothing retail company.
  • Heather Manting is pursuing an MBA at Mercer at will be a graduate assistant in the athletics department.
  • Emily Piscitello is beginning graduate school at the University of Central Florida in higher education leadership.
  • Sarah Stoops has finished her masters in mathematics education at Vanderbilt University.

2008 Graduates

  • David Thomas* now works for the National Security Agency (NSA).
  • Aaron Kinard is attending the New Orleans Baptist Seminar.

2007 Graduates

  • Andrew Gainer* is completed his Ph.D. in Mathematics at Brandeis University. He is now a visiting professor at Carleton College.
  • Kimberly Conner has finished the Master's program in mathematics education at Vanderbilt University; Kimberly was awarded a Knowles Foundation Mathematics Teaching Fellowship. She is now teaching at Atlanta Girls School.
  • Jannae Carrick joined a consulting company as an actuary.

2006 Graduates

  • Samson Alva* is in the Ph.D. program in Economics at Boston College.
  • Ruchi Vora works in marketing and sales for the Jacobson Group in Atlanta.
  • Sarah Whitby teaches in the mathematics department at Mary Persons High School.
  • Andilyn Williamson teaches mathematics at Northside High School in Warner Robins.
  • Carrie Keel Trivett now teaches mathematics at a high school in Gwinnett County.

2005 Graduates

  • Jennifer Willis* attended the University of Georgia's graduate program in Mathematics Education.
  • Clint Patrick* attended the pharmaacy school at The Mercer University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences in Atlanta.

2004 Graduates

  • Bryan Gordon* is in a Ph.D. program in linguistics at the University of Minnesota.

2003 Graduates

  • Laura Bland* began working at the NSA upon graduation.

2002 Graduates

  • Nathan Thomas* recently finished medical school at Emory University and is now a pediatric resident at the University of Florida.
  • Jennifer Cole (Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award winner) is the mathematics coach at Mt. de Sales High School.

2001 Graduates

  • Meredith Russeau* works in industry.

2000 Graduates

  • Holly Van de Voort* went to the Medical College of Georgia upon graduation.

1997 Graduates

  • Dana Gaston*, now Dana Gaston Jennings, earned a Ph.D. in Mathematics at Vanderbilt.

1995 Graduates

  • Amy Pritchett*, last we heard, was teaching high school mathematics in Atlanta.

1992 Graduates

  • Charles Brantley* graduated from the Mercer University Law School and has a private law practice.

1990 Graduates

  • Dan Sanders*, who holds a Ph.D. in Mathematics from Georgia Institute of Technology, does quantitative finance for Renaissance Technologies, LLC.

1989 Graduates

  • Joe Bean* is a medical doctor in Missouri. He received his medical degree from Washington University in St. Louis.

1988 Graduates

  • Stuart Trimble* graduated from the Mercer University Medical School and now has a medical practice in Brevard, NC.

1987 Graduates

  • Thomas Bass* is an Associate Professor of Mathematics at Carson Newman College in Tennessee. He earned his Ph.D. in Mathematics at Vanderbilt University.

1983 Graduates

  • Sybil Blalock has a Master’s in Mathematics from the University of Tennessee. She is Assistant Director of Athletics here at Mercer and teaches as an instructor in the Mathematics Department.

* indicates a winner of the Plymale Award