There are many excellent sites around the web which can help you improve your writing in FYS. Here are some gathered and recommended by Jenny Zimmerman for Mercer's Learning Center:

Dartmouth College Composition Center

Advice and links on writing papers for specific disciplines (including helpful pointers on differences between writing for a humanities class and for a science or social science class).

Capital Community College Guide to Grammar and Writing

An indexed overview of considerations for the college writer. For a very good section on revising your initial draft, see the The Editing and Rewriting Process

Union College Faculty Concerns about Student Writing

A list of the “writing problems [that] concern your teachers most”—or at least the teachers at Union College in 1999. (Note that most of these problems do concern your Mercer FYS instructors, too.)

Swarthmore College Writing Resources on the Web

A select list of links to university writing centers, style and grammar guides, and reference works for writers.

Greg Frederick's 12323 Paragraph Guide

If you are having difficulties with developing paragraphs, you ought to check out this paragraph formula. (Like all formulas for writing, however, it has limitations and may not work for every writing occasion.)

Test Prep Center

Majon International's GMAC Test Preparation Center, providing at this link advice on how to avoid the six most common grammar errors. This list includes Pronoun Errors, Subject-Verb Agreement, Misplaced Modifiers, Faulty Parallelism, Faulty Verb Tense and Faulty Idiom. This page explains and gives examples of each type of error.

Guidelines on Writing a Philosophy Paper

Advice from James Pryor, a philosophy professor at Princeton University, on how to write a philosophy paper. These suggestions are also extremely useful for FYS students!

You can also access Writing Resources provided by Mercer's own FYS instructors here.
Do you have any other writing resources? Let us know.