Mary Alice Morgan

I use the following scale in grading:

A 93-100
A- 90-92
B+ 88-89
B 83-87
B- 80-82
C+ 78-79
C 73-77
C- 70-72
D+ 68-69
D 63-67
D- 60-62
F 59 and below

Please review the additional guidelines regarding late work and plagiarism that were covered in the first-day syllabus.
I'm looking forward to your best work! Keep the examples of Tobias Woolfe, Jan Gray, Amy Wu, Jean Brandt, and our other authors in mind.


Writing Standards Traditionally Used at Mercer

The A theme shows insight and the ability to state and develop a central idea. Its ideas are clear, logical, and thought provoking; it contains all of the positive qualities of good writing listed below:
1. Careful construction and organization of sentences and paragraphs.
2. Careful choice of effective words and phrases.
3. Concentration on a main purpose, with adequate development and firm support.

The B theme has a clearly stated central purpose, logically and adequately developed. Its ideas are clear because it contains some of the positive qualities of good writing. It is comparatively free of errors in the use of English. Although indicating competence, the B paper lacks the insight and style which characterizes the A theme.

The average theme will receive a grade of C. It has a central idea organized clearly enough to convey its purpose to the reader. It avoids serious errors in the use of English. It may, in fact, have few correction marks on it, but it lacks the vigor of thought and expression which would entitle it to an above-average rating.

The grade of D indicates below-average achievement in expressing ideas correctly and effectively. Most D themes contain serious errors in the use of English and fail to present a central idea or to develop it adequately. With more careful proof-reading and fuller development, many D themes might be worth at least a C rating.

The grade of F usually indicates failure to state and develop a main idea. It may also indicate failure to avoid serious errors in grammar spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure.