FYS 101


Peer Editing: Literary Analysis

We will peer edit this essay using the same guidelines that we used with our first essay: be honest; make your comments as specific as possible and try to suggest revisions; remark on the strengths of the essay as well as weaknesses. Remember to write your own name on your comments as the “editor” and your classmate's name as “author.” Label each portion of your comments as “Content,” “Organization,” and so forth. Write out your comments in complete paragraphs—do not simply write one-word or one-sentence answers to the questions on this sheet.

I. Content

1. Does the essay help you understand the literary work better? Is there a clear thesis and purpose to the essay? Is the literary analysis insightful and convincing? Does the writer refer to specific details from the text or quote passages? Or are there aspects of the work that contradict the author's interpretation? Or did the writer leave out any important aspect of his or her chosen topic?

2. Does the essay evidence critical thinking by the author about his or her “self”? Has the writer drawn clear comparisons or contrasts between his or her experiences and those in the literary work? Do these insights seem insightful and worthwhile or are they unclear, boring, or superficial?

II. Organization

1. Is the introduction self-contained or would you need to know the essay assignment in order to understand the essay's opening? Does the introduction provide necessary background on the work and a statement of the work's subject and theme?

2. Can you follow the author's train of thought or does the essay jump from one point to another? Does the essay deal with one, focused subject or does it wander from one idea to another?

3. Are the body paragraphs well developed with supporting evidence or personal narrative? Do the paragraphs generally contain topic sentences? Does the conclusion provide a satisfying close to the discussion or does the essay simply “stop”?

III. Expression, Grammar, Punctuation

1. Is the prose style clear? Circle any sentences or phrases that you don't understand.

2. Are quotations punctuated correctly, and are they integrated into the discussion clearly and smoothly?

3. Mark any grammar or punctuation errors directly on the copy.