Prof. Gordon Johnston

FYS 101 Essay 1 Assignment

Due Friday, 1-26, beginning of class

Write an essay of four to five typed, double-spaced pages on the following topic. Use type no larger than 12 points and no smaller than 10. Follow MLA citation style. Number your pages and title your essay.

As we read Genesis and Exodus, you approached the text like an archaeologist, reading it as if it were the only surviving document from a lost civilization. Now, making every effort to be scientifically objective, write up the results of your reading of the text. Based on these stories, what did these people value or what was taboo or devalued? Isolate one or two important values and focus on them, interpreting passages to illustrate the people’s belief in these cornerstones.

   1. Be creative and original in your approach to the topic and in the writing of the essay. No five paragraph themes, please, or “Webster’s Dictionary defines values as...”. You are welcome to refer to notes from our class discussions, but don’t simply parrot back what you heard. Balance insights from class discussion against your own thought. Explore new ground whenever you can. It proves to me that you’re learning to think for yourself.
   2. Remember that simply saying something doesn’t make it so; supply evidence from the texts to support your arguments. Quote passages and interpret them.
   3. Cite all quotations and examples and include an MLA works cited page at the end of your essay. (See The Little, Brown Handbook if you haven’t constructed a works cited page before.)
   4. Always seek help from me or the preceptor if you need it.
   5. Review the writing standards attached to your syllabus after you have drafted your essay.
   6. Proofread carefully.