A B+ B C+ C D F
OVERALL Excellent Admirable Good Respectable Acceptable Weak Unacceptable
Opening Perceptive and forceful thesis Perceptive and Clear thesis Clear and significant thesis Unambiguous thesis Unambiguous thesis Unclear, trivial, absent, or ill-chosen thesis Unclear, trivial, absent, or ill-chosen thesis
Structure & Development Effortless and/or gripping to read Well developed via smoothly linked paragraphs; Thesis always borne in mind Cohesive; Logically developed paragraphs with effective transitions Logically developed with sensible paragraphs and helpful transitions Logically but unevenly developed: paragraphing and/or transitions may need work Unfocussed and/or chaotic: Poor paragraphing and/or poor transitions Undeveloped, unfocussed or incoherent
Use of Evidence and Quotations Artful and potent Skillful and precise Well chosen and well integrated Appropriate and adequately integrated Competent but not forceful; Repeats without enhancing points Awkwardly or wrongly insertedquotations; Shallow or vague Inadequate; undermines persuasiveness
Effectiveness of Argument Forceful and/or subtle Entirely persuasive Generally persuasive Largely persuasive Plausible but not compelling Dubious Unpersuasive
Expression and Style Vivid and/or eloquent Clear and Engaging Clear and fluid Competent but occasionally disruptive Competent but occasionally disruptive Uncontrolled Inarticulate
Conclusion Mature, sensitive or refined Skillful and alert to larger significance; No loose ends or late clarifications Conscientious; No loose ends, new points or late clarifications Adequate, but perhaps with a loose end or late clarification Variation of first paragraph; Formulaic or redundant Self-evident, vague, clichéd or underdeveloped Irrelevant, self-contradictory, vague, or absent
Mechanics Virtually error-free Virtually error-free Few and minimally disruptive errors Occasionally disruptive errors Disruptive errors Disruptive and recurring errors Constant or severe errors