Writing Assignment

Prof. Gordon Johnston

FYS 101 Essay 1 Assignment

Complete first drafts checked Wednesday, 9-16. Due Friday, 9-18.

Write an essay of four to five typed, double-spaced pages on the following topic. Use type no larger than 12 points and no smaller than 10.

In this essay you will explore how the stages in the development of the self are applicable not only to individuals but to entire peoples. Choose one stage in the development of the self (tabula rasa, early teachings, autonomy, or community) and explore how the people of Genesis and Exodus pass through that stage in at least three instances in the chapters we have studied. For each instance, your essay should clearly explain how the people exhibit the characteristics of the stage you have chosen to discuss.

1. Be creative and original in your approach to the topic and in the writing of the essay. No five paragraph themes, please.
2. Remember that simply saying something doesn’t make it so; supply evidence from the texts to support your arguments.
3. You may draw on ideas presented in the class discussion, but don’t limit yourself to rehashing what has already been said about the texts. Offer your own thought and interpretation as well. Explore new ground whenever you can. It proves to me that you’re learning to think for yourself.
4. Cite all quotations and examples and include an MLA works cited page at the end of your essay. (See The Little, Brown Handbook if you haven’t constructed a works cited page before.)
5. Always seek help from me or the preceptor if you need it.