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Foreign Languages and Study Abroad

The Mercer University Study Abroad Policy for Foreign Languages specifies the guidelines for the awarding of foreign language credit earned by Mercer undergraduate students enrolled on the Macon campus while studying abroad. It complements the policy already in place in the Department of Foreign Languages (College of Liberal Arts).

All Mercer University undergraduate students who intend to earn academic credit for foreign-language study must get approval from the Department of Foreign Languages before applying to the Office of Study Abroad for admission into the program. All application materials must be submitted by the deadlines set by the Office of Study Abroad: October 1st for Spring Semester abroad and March 9th for Summer or Fall Semester abroad. The Office of Study Abroad will not admit any student to a study abroad program conducted in a foreign language or with a foreign language component without first getting a recommendation from the Department of Foreign Languages.

Undergraduate students may fulfill their foreign-language requirement by taking a language not taught at Mercer (i.e., Japanese, Russian, Arabic, etc.) at any accredited university. However, students must demonstrate that the requested course of study is equivalent to 8 credit hours as is required by the General Education Program for the College of Liberal Arts.

For more information please contact the Office of International Programs at Mercer.