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Drills and Exercises for Oxford Latin Course

1. The official companion Web site for our textbook is found at Here you can access a Student Resources page with grammar exercises and electronic flashcards complete with pronunciations.   

2. The Web site offers a variety of grammar exercises for each of the OLC chapters. This will be our preferred Web site for homework assignments. Notice that the chapter numbers refer to the old high-school edition of OLC (This also applies to No. 3-6 below).

3. Under you will find an Internet workbook that offers vocabulary and grammar drills for all OLC chapters.

4. Check out for a number of self-help quizzes to accompany Part I of OLC.

5. Find a number of study guides for OLC Parts I-III at

6. At you can find a “cyber-tutor” for OLC Part III.

7. The site teaches you how to diagram Latin sentences.

8. Under you find a large number of links to more general Latin Web sites.