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1. Languages Study at Mercer

The study of foreign language has become increasingly important with the globalization of our society. Growing world markets, the internationalization of many companies, and rapid changes in technology all create a considerable need for those who can effectively understand and interact with people from other cultures. By enhancing their language skills and learning to appreciate other cultures, students can meet their own goals for personal growth while making themselves more promising candidates to prospective employers.

Our curriculum is designed to help you acquire a facility in communicating meaningfully with native-speakers of foreign language(s). This ongoing enhancement of language skills is complemented by a critical study of culture, history, and literature. We strongly urge students to develop their language proficiency in combination with a major program in another field. A recent survey of departmental alumni indicates that their skills in a foreign language have helped them find employment in a wide range of fields - computer design, international sales, paralegal work, auditing international accounts, interpreting, missionary and Peace Corps vocations, law and medicine.