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Language Requirements

The College of Liberal Arts require its students to demonstrate a basic competency in at least one foreign language (completion or exemption of two semesters of study) before receiving an undergraduate degree. Foreign language competency is optional for students in the Stetson School of Business and Economics and the School of Engineering.

The Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures offers a placement examination to ascertain language competency. Sixty minutes are allocated to complete the examination, a multiple-choice test of the grammar and vocabulary commonly taught at elementary and intermediate levels of instruction. The placement test may be taken only once, and its results are binding. It is strongly recommended that all students who need foreign language competency take the placement test and complete the foreign-language requirement during the first two years of College.

The elementary language sequences (FRE, GER, GRK, LAT, SPN 111-112) are intended for students who qualify as novices in the respective languages (i.e. having had less than two years of high-school level study). Successful completion of an elementary language sequence (111-112) fulfills the foreign language competency requirement in general education.

Students who enter the College of Liberal Arts with a background of two or more years of French, German, Latin, Spanish AND who wish to continue studying that language are required to take the foreign-language placement test during Orientation. This test will determine whether these students are placed in intermediate or elementary language study. The placement test may be taken only once, and the test results are binding.

The prerequisite for enrollment in French, German, Latin, or Spanish 251 is the successful completion of either the placement test or the 112 course. Students who place into, and successfully complete FLL 251 or above, will receive four additional hours of credit towards graduation for the elementary sequence.

In addition to the courses required to achieve basic competency, the department offers the Bachelor of Arts degree in French, German, Latin, or Spanish. Students wishing to pursue a major in French or Spanish are required to complete 18 semester hours beyond the intermediate level. In German they must complete 14 semester hours beyond the intermediate level.  The Latin major consists of 15 semester hours beyond the intermediate level. Minoring in any of these languages requires 9 semester hours beyond the intermediate level.