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Curriculum and Syllabi


Objectives for Elementary-Level Students of Latin

Grammar: fundamental competency in the following structures:

  • all declensions (all cases for nouns, adjectives, pronouns)
  • all conjugations (all tenses in the indicative, both active and passive)
  • adverbs
  • numerals
  • prepositions
  • introduction of subordinate clauses (conjunctions; subjunctive)

Vocabulary: acquisition of basic vocabulary (approximately 900 words upon completion of LAT 112) as well as:

  • ability to use morphological rules to guess unknown vocabulary
  • ability to read and understand simple Latin texts
  • better understanding of the English language through Latin cognates and comparison of syntactical structures
  • ability to translate simple English sentences into Latin

In addition to demonstrating the ability to pronounce Latin and to answer simple Latin questions about a text in Latin, students will be introduced to Roman culture, civilization, and history (including topics of Greek mythology).