Writing Program


The Writing Program is part of Mercer's Foundational Studies program, which introduces students to the knowledge, skills, and perspectives needed to engage self, community, and an interconnected, yet diversified world.

Foundational Studies are completed through one of two tracks: the Integrative Program or the Great Books Program. In each case, the requirements are fulfilled through (A) interdisciplinary courses, (B) literacy courses, (C) writing competency, (D) an experiential requirement and (E) UNV 101. The combined requirements of either track contribute to the shared outcomes of Foundational Studies.

Writing competency is demonstrated by the completion, with a grade of C or better, of three Writing Instruction courses. These three courses differ depending on whether a student is on the Integrative Program track or the Great Books Program track. Students on the Integrative Program track will take INT 101 in the Fall semester of their first year, an R-designated disciplinary writing instruction course in the Spring semester of that year, and INT 201 in either semester of their second year. Great Books students will take GBK 101, GBK 202, and GBK 203 in their first three semesters at Mercer.

INT 101, R-Designated Courses, INT 201, GBK 101, GBK 202, and GBK 203 are all 4-hour Writing Instruction courses. Students in the Integrative Program must successfully complete an R-designated disciplinary writing course with a grade of C or better prior to taking INT 201.