Auxiliary Services

We strive to enrich and enhance each student's experience while providing exceptional services and financially sound operations to the University Community.

Auxiliary Services


It all starts here. In Auxiliary Services we pride
ourselves in a diverse mix of talented and dedicated
people from all walks of life. The Mercer University
Family lives here in employees who have served Mercer
for 5, 20, even 40 years. When we recruit, we search
for the brightest stars in the best industries. We
truly are "World Class, Right at Home".


What do you need? People at Mercer University have high expectations and we are no exception. That is why we provide the very best service every day. We benchmark our university colleagues, the top-ranked universities, and the best practices in all the industries we represent for service ideas and improvements. We are in constant contact with our customers through surveys, focus groups, online feedback forums, student / faculty / staff, and day-to-day personal interaction so that we can create the best Mercer University service experience for you.


Whether it is food or merchandise, we make sure that it is the best product for the right price. We offer premium brand name merchandise and popular food franchises. From the award-winning Chick-Fil-A, the popular Starbuck's brand, and the name food brands that are in the University Center in Macon, we have the best value, the best quality, and the best products.

We endeavor to provide the highest level of quality and service in each facet of our operations.

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