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"Art is born of the observation and investigation of nature." ~ Cicero

As a Prospective Art student you will find EVERYTHING here. The faculty of the Art Department has created a challenging program in art characterized by small class and individual attention to students that emphasizes a solid foundation in studio skills and a broad understanding of the history of art. The faculty's areas of expertise and interests are diverse, allowing a wide range of possibilities in the studio and in the study of art history from traditional studio media, such as clay and paint, to digital imaging and from prehistory to contemporary art criticism.

Reasons to Choose this Program

Prepare for graduate school or further study

Prepare for life after school

Prepare for teaching

Become a more well-rounded person

Become a better communicator

Most Popular Courses

1. History of Art I and II -These inspiring classes enhance the individuals ablility to visualize the concepts behind the art piece.

2. Photography - A balance of solid technical instruction and emphasis on individual creativity make these courses popular with many majors.

3. Painting - Students learn a variety of techniques and approaches from abstraction to photorealism.

4. Ceramics - The clay classes investigate earthenware, stoneware and porcelain through the use of gas, electric, raku and wood firing kilns.

5. Drawing - Drawing at Mercer is skills based and appeals to students interested in visual communications, visualization of ideas as well as to art majors.



Studio Emphasis

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Art with a Studio Emphasis consists of a minimum of 33 hours and a senior project exhibition focused on the student's creative interest, such as painting, sculpture, etc. Students who complete this major may be interested in graduate study or preparation for a career in education or business.


Art History Emphasis

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Art with an Art History emphasis consists of a minimum of 30 hours and a senior research project investigating an original question in art history. Students who complete this major often plan to pursue graduate study.



Minor in Art

The minor in Art consist of a minimum of 15 hours based on a core of art history and design, or drawing, together with electives of the student's choice.

Minor in Photography

The minor in Photography consists of a minimum of 15 hours, including a three-course sequence of Photography and two electives from Design and Color, Modern Art History and Introduction to Mass Media.


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Anthony Stansfeld and William P. Simmons Art Scholarships. Each scholarship awards $1000 to a rising junior or senior majoring in Art. The award is based on a portfolio of works and an interview with the scholarship committee. Application forms are available in the Art office. The deadline for application is in early March. Call the Art Department ex. 2591 for more information.

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Art Department, Mercer University
1400 Coleman Ave.
Macon, GA 31207       (478) 301-2591

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