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Helpful Verbs

Verbs for introducing statements and/or comparisons:

relay epitomize illustrate


signify         suggest imply infer
develop portray relate represent
characterize allude reveal discover
evoke describe reflect          use
introduce involve diminish draw
detail view enable transmit
minimize convey establish magnify
parallel portend foreshadow reiterate
weaken maximize identify correlate
promote corroborate refer strengthen
writes display amplify exemplify
contribute   produce conclude consider
testify         continue point stem
affirm cause affect effect
entail verify certify vouch
direct deter present mark
support explain trace lead
define          compare contrast confuse
add legitimize deny defy
validate enforce enhance reinforce
dismiss detract resemble contradict
propose invalidate hint create
reaffirm justify translate indicate
render         mislead guide address
paint states specify complement
tint comprehend link communicate
simplify build balance ascertain
juxtapose understand envelop evolve
complicate show (1x) symbolize (1x)  
combine connect express  

Do NOT use the following words: 



this, these




something, someone



a lot