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Learning to write at the college level can prove to be a difficult task for even the best students. By learning to become a better writer, you are taking an important step towards academic success. The writing skills you learn in college will prepare you for successfully transitioning to the professional environment.

Advantages of Writing

On the one hand, a well-written product will help you communicate your academic masteries and your original thinking to your peers and mentors; this communication skill will gain your graders’ respect and enable you to join intellectual dialogs that interest you.  On the other hand, the process of developing a well-written product will help you to strengthen your conceptual understanding and critical analysis skills.

Keys to Writing

Learning to write well is a cumulative process that involves much trial and error followed by a patient, self-regulating review of your progress. Dartmouth has developed a helpful webpage for first-year college writers that helps walk students through this process: click here.


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