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College Note Taking

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College courses require that you put together information obtained from separate readings and class lectures, so you can efficiently develop integrated review tools in preparation for your exams.
Advantages of Good Note Taking

When you put good note taking strategies to use, you will

  • Get more out of your readings and lectures
  • Generate more complete notes
  • Integrate reading and lecture materials
  • Step up to daily reviews for each class
  • Condense your notes into handy recitation formats for quizzes and tests

Keys to Good Note Taking

A first step to improving your note taking is to organize your notebooks so that you cancross-reference your notes in real-time and reconstruct them sequentially if need be.  Evaluating proven note-taking systems will enable you to choose a system that leads you to complete, integrate, review, and condense your notes in order to get a jump on your exam preparation.


The following resources will help you design a disciplined note-taking system and a regulated pattern of behaviors to improve your long-term retention and higher-level comprehension.

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