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We understand that there are additional challenges when attending college as a working adult. Often, non-traditional students have to handle the additional pressures of effectively balancing work, family life, and school work. Understanding the challenges you will face and becoming an active participant in overcoming those challenges will help ensure your academic success.

Please take advantage of all the resources available on the College Study Skills Online website and also take advantage of the resources listed on this page as they are designed specifically for the working adult student.

Mercer University Resources

CCPS Student Resources- This website provides a list of helpful resources for Mercer's adult students.

Mercer University Admissions Counselors for Working Adults - This site provides contact information for your admissions counselors.

Mercer University Higher Education for Working Adults FAQ's - This site provides answers to the questions most frequently asked by Mercer's adult students.

Mercer University - Be the Bear- This website provides information about the Mercer's different locations and the various working adult programs available at Mercer.

Additional Resources

Purdue OWL: Avoiding Plagiarism - A great resource that provides information on plagiarism: what it is, what constitutes it, and how to avoid it.

Adult - Helpful website that contains resources and information geared toward adult learners.

Association for Non-Traditional Students in Higher Education - An association whose mission is to "encourage and coordinate support, education, and advocacy for the adult learner."

Balance Tips- 8 Child Care Options - An article explaining eight different options available for college students who are also parents.

Say No - Delegate - Get a Great Planner - This article highlights the importance of delegating responsibility and developing more effective time management skills.

Lists - Errands - Time Is Money - An article that stresses the benefits of effectively balancing your school schedule, your career, and your personal life.

Efficient Time Management - This article provides useful tips on how to assess and improve your time management skills.

College Survival: The Nontraditional Student's Guide to Surviving College - This article provides helpful insight into what it takes to succeed in college as a non-traditional student.