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All SI Leaders must have at least a 3.0 GPA and sophomore status or higher. SI Leaders are highly qualified tutors who receive additional intensive training for working specifically with high-risk classes for which Supplemental Instruction (SI) is scheduled. (For details about the SI program and the high-risk classes, click on the Supplemental Instruction button on the left.) SI Leaders must attend all class meetings with the regular enrollees, serving as model students in class. In addition, the SI Leaders conduct two to three supplemental study sessions (outside regular class meetings) totaling 3 1/2 hours weekly. SI Leaders are also responsible for planning the content of their supplemental sessions, preparing study aids and handouts for SI, and completing required paperwork. Emphasis for SI Leaders is on reinforcing the professor's lessons, clarifying points of confusion, and providing organizational models the students can emulate in their own individual studying.

If you are interested in becoming an SI Leader, please print and complete the following 3 documents and return to Jennifer Zimmerman in room 117 of the Academic Resource Center.

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