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All Lab Assistants must have at least a 2.5 GPA. Lab Assistants greet visitors as they enter the Center, ensure all visitors and workers sign in appropriately, and provide visitors with various types of assistance. This assistance ranges from simple equipment directions to referral to the appropriate professional staff member, tutor, study group, or other service provided by the Center. Lab Assistants also answer questions and provide information, both in person and over the phone, especially about scheduling appointments for individual sessions with academic tutors. In addition, Lab Assistants give and take phone messages, file material, type forms, make photocopies, and perform other office duties in support of the professional staff.

Computer usage in the ARC demands that Lab Assistants also be familiar with computers and software applications. Training is provided to teach Lab Assistants how to assist student users and visiting faculty in the proper operation of PC-compatible equipment and programs. They must be able to diagnose minor problems encountered while preparing documents or printing. Routine duties will also include general housekeeping responsibilities.

If you meet criteria described above and are interested in working for the ARC, please visit the Mercer University Office of Student Employment Job Site to search for available positions by clicking on the button below.

Office of Student Employment Job Site